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The overall goal of SPACE4GREEN is to propose a technological solution that enables a trusted platform among stakeholders of different natures for the automated certification that activity occurs or a thing is in a location at a certain point in time, without requiring a third-party human certification. 


SPACE4GREEN is born as a response to the needed adoption of EGNSS solutions in mass market and within professional stakeholders, under the topic HORIZON-EUSPA-2021-SPACE-02-53. EU considers them key enablers of the current and future digital age contributing to the competitiveness of the European GNSS industry and to the maximization of public benefits. The project was selected against a total of 50 proposals in the call. An iterative and user-driven approach is followed to achieve the high-level standards of quality expected during the execution phase and after its finalization. 



Blockchain is a distributed ledger record of events, an append-only record of events where each new event is cryptographically linked to the previous. This way the data stored in the blockchain can never be modified or removed, so it is protected from malicious tampering or accidental modification. In the SPACE4GREEN, KSI Blockchain technology is integrated that has already been proven in the production environment. It is a state of the art scalable solution for verifying long-term data integrity in a provably secure and independently verifiable way.


Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA) is a security feature implemented in modern Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals. OSNMA is designed to prevent the spoofing of GNSS signals by verifying the authenticity of the navigation messages. It works by adding digital signatures to the navigation messages, which allows receivers to verify that the message has not been tampered with and originates from a legitimate source.


Another technological pillar of SPACE4GREEN is the implemented SDK with a two-fold objective:

1) giving a common framework (libraries, methods, algorithms…) for all demonstrations.

2) facilitating the development of future Android apps that could benefit from the SPACE4GREEN innovations. 


Demonstration Case 1: Transparency, Traceability, and Trust in Local Food Production [Slovenia, ITC]

Space4Green project will allow the Green Point pilot environment to introduce a traceability system that exploits blockchain technology and supplemented its records with verified information of position and time based on Galileo OS-NMA. This will enable citizens/consumers to receive the most relevant and verified information about local food production.

Demonstration Case 2: Enhancing Common Agriculture Policy Rules Monitoring and Auditing [Spain, CAAND]

Space4Green project will allow the pilot to improve the monitoring and auditing of the rules of the common agricultural policy; ease the deployment of audits carried out by the administration, and decrease the time needed to perform the payment of aid to farmers. With improved data traceability, the Space4Green project will validate the correctness of the information presented, leading to a more accurate representation of the reality on the ground.

Demonstration Case 3: Transparency and Traceability of Olive Oil [ Spain, LUCENA]

By participating in the Space4Green project, the Appellation of Origin Lucena’s Olive Oil aims to strengthen its mission of ensuring the origin and quality of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The uptake of Space4Green traceability system will allow consumers access to the most relevant and verified information about local food production.

Demonstration Case 4: Traceability and Authenticity of Wine [Cyprus, OMNIA]

Space4green will offer the technological means of documenting the origin of the unique local Cypriot wines and adopting sustainable production systems already being implemented in the country. Therefore, it is expected that Space4Green will increase the added value of the local wines and open new market horizons for the benefit of the producers and the local and national economy.

Demonstration Case 5: Environmental Sustainability Index of Cotton production/Cultivation [Greece, ACP & AgroApps]

In this pilot, cotton producers of the Agricultural Cooperative of Pella (Greece) will be involved in the Space4Green ecosystem with the aim of addressing the current problem of communication discontinuity and improve the flow of information between farmers, processors and traders. Space4Green will provide a series of Environmental Sustainability Indicators, allowing the safe acquisition of geolocated and timestamped information about the applied production practices and the responsible use of farming inputs, as well as identify any potential instances of misuse.

Demonstration Case 6: Environmental Sustainability Index in Vineyards Cultivation [Cyprus, OMNIA & AgroApps]

The wine sector is particularly interested in tools to verify the designation of origin, which is already experiencing increased demand in Cyprus, and tools to verify farmers’ environmental performance. With Space4Green, ZAMBARTAS Wineries will be able to ensure safe and continuous monitoring of their own farms and farmers’ parcels with regard to the sustainability of their farming practices.











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1st Space4Green Newsletter

SPACE4GREEN aims to develop a technological solution that enables Trusted Digital Data Sharing

This solution will enable stakeholders to obtain automated certification for various activities. In other words, stakeholders will have irrefutable knowledge that a specific activity took place at a particular time and location, eliminating the need for human certification from a third party.

By making it easier to verify data and information, the project could help to improve food safety, sustainability, and transparency.

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