The Traceable Journey from Farm to Fork

The Traceable Journey from Farm to Fork

Why is agricultural data traceability so important? Agricultural data traceability refers to the ability to track and document information related to agricultural products, including their origins, production processes, and distribution, to ensure transparency,...

Social Media Accounts Release

Social Media Accounts Release

We are excited to announce the launch of our SPACE4GREEN social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter! SPACE4GREEN is an EU-funded project that aims to improve transparency, traceability, and trust in agri-food value chains by combining Blockchain technology and GNSS...

Website Release

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the website page for SPACE4GREEN, an EU-funded Horizon Europe program that utilises the power of Blockchain technology and GNSS solutions to transform the agri-food industry. Our innovative project seeks to ensure...

INTEGRASYS starts a new project: Space4Green

The new project coordinated by INTEGRASYS, Space4Green, started on November 23rd with a kick-off meeting in Seville, where the team had the opportunity to present their well-anticipated software solution. They exposed the objectives and the overall idea of the...


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