An online Cluster event focused on CAP monitoring and agricultural sustainability will take place in just 3 days.Mark your calendars for June 30, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CEST, as we explore solutions for CAP monitoring.

The event centers around EU projects utilizing Earth Observation technologies to monitor farm management activities and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Space4Green is excited to participate in this cluster event and will be delivering two presentations.

  • “Sustainable aware industry through a certifiable Environmental Sustainability calculator”
    presented by: Emanuel Lekakis, Head of Agriculture Unit, AgroApps
  • “Blockchain and GNSS as traceable solutions that ease and automate the process for managing the CAP from farmers to Public Authorities”
    presented by: César Díaz, CAAND

What is CAP?
The CAP is a set of laws adopted by the EU to provide a unified policy on agriculture in EU countries. Created in 1962 by the six founding countries of the then European Communities, it is the oldest EU policy still in operation. Its aim is to provide affordable, safe and high-quality food for EU citizens.

In this upcoming cluster event organised by Envision project, SPACE4GREEN is thrilled to participate with other European projects such as Agribit, Callisto, VitiGeos and EuroGeo to address the current and future needs of CAP monitoring, through Earth Observation technologies. This event provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Expand connections among European projects that focus on Earth Observation technologies for monitoring farm management activities. The aim is to enhance compliance with CAP and foster collaboration among stakeholders;
  • Shed light on tangible outcomes, services, and best practices achieved through various European projects, providing insights into how CAP monitoring can be effectively supported;
  • Explore the practical implications of these outcomes and their potential for wider adoption;
  • Inspire attendees to envision a future where CAP monitoring is more efficient, sustainable, and aligned with the evolving needs of agriculture.

Participants will have the chance to exchange ideas, ask questions and contribute to the collective knowledge. With the pressing need for sustainable agriculture and effective CAP monitoring, this Cluster event offers a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate. Space4Green is excited to participate, and we encourage you to join us!

Register today using the provided link
Download the Event’s Agenda here: Cluster Event AGENDA